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About us

Since 1965, Alhambra Guitars bring the everlasting allure of Spain's heritage to the fingertips of guitar players, unlocking an endless wellspring of inspiration. Over 55 years Alhambra Guitars has been dedicated to perfecting the art of guitar construction. 

Our family of 110 skilled workers, each with a deep-rooted passion for crafting stringed instruments, forms the heart and soul of our company. With generations of expertise passed down through the tradition and knowledge of refined guitar building, we take immense pride in preserving our heritage while embracing innovation.

The foundation of our exceptional instruments lies in the selection of the finest raw materials. We meticulously source fine woods like cedar, spruce, rosewood, ebony, and cypress from their places of origin, ensuring the highest quality for our guitars. Once at our factory, the wood undergoes a natural drying process, expertly stabilized through cutting-edge technology, to guarantee optimal performance.

Our process involves the careful creation and assembly of each guitar piece, followed by precise varnishing and polishing. We believe that every instrument is unique, deserving individual attention, tuning, and sound control to achieve its full potential.

The quality and reliability of our musical instruments are paramount to us. Alhambra Guitars implements a comprehensive production process control system, starting with the selection of the best raw materials. This unwavering commitment to quality extends to our customers through a three-year guarantee and meticulous after-sales service.

Incorporating new technologies into our operations has enhanced our efficiency and quickened order fulfillment. Every Alhambra guitar is registered with a digital system, providing a unique serial number that certifies its origin, ensuring authenticity and traceability.

Our guitars are widely recognized and celebrated for their exceptional quality, design, and sonority. The superb sound we achieve is a result of the professionalism of our artisans, their meticulous working methods, and the careful selection of woods, particularly the use of solid cedar and spruce tops.

Alhambra Guitars boasts five major product lines, offering a wide range of options to cater to every musician's needs. 

At Alhambra Guitars we have something special for musicians at every level of their musical journey. We take great pride in providing the best instrument for each customer. Our lines are meticulously crafted, adapting to the different levels of musicianship: beginner models, conservatory models, and professional-grade instruments. Moreover, we offer a plethora of customization options, such as cut-away versions, customized guitars, special measurements, preamps, left-handed instruments, and more, tailoring instruments to the specific needs and preferences of our valued customers.

As we continue to expand our reach, Alhambra guitars can be found in more than 70 countries worldwide. Our vision of "Music, Made Personal" guides us in creating instruments that enrich the lives of musicians, fostering a deep emotional connection and transforming the act of playing into a personal, soulful experience.

At Alhambra Guitars, we believe that playing our instruments goes beyond the mere production of sound. It's about connecting with one's emotions, discovering the depths of artistic expression, and finding belonging within a community of passionate musicians. Join us on this musical journey as we embark on a melodic adventure of self-discovery and personal growth through the power of music.

Join the global community of passionate musicians, spanning more than 70 countries, who have found their musical sanctuary with Alhambra Guitars. Let our vision of "Music, Made Personal" inspire you to delve deeper into the emotional realm of musical expression.

We believe that music is a language that speaks to the heart. Allow us to be your partners in this melodious journey, where every strum is a brushstroke on the canvas of your soul. Welcome to the world of Alhambra Guitars, where music becomes a personal symphony of emotions.

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