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The singer-songwriter Esmeralda Vera plays with an Alhambra guitar Z-Nature Cutaway model

Esmeralda Vera is a composer, singer-songwriter, music teacher and an illusionist of the genre "medicine singer". For 20 years she performs in different parts of the world and teaches music and singing.

This charismatic singer began to fall in love with music as a child, guided by her father and her grandfather, with the songs they taught her. She is graduated in History and Music Sciences and currently investigating the therapeutic uses of voice, how to heal through singing and the power of vibration.

8 years ago, Esmeralda Hernández Rodríguez, Esmeralda Vera, native of Cuacos de Yuste, Extremadura, left her hometown to settle in Tenerife where she has performed concerts and have collaborated with other musicians in addition to recording an album in 2018 entitled “CANTOS RODADOS”.

The 11 tracks on this CD are composed entirely by Esmeralda Vera, with influences from Latin American, African and European music and rhythms such as samba, candombe, rumba or reggae. Her songs are in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian and she also sings versions of different authors.

Esmeralda Vera offers a heterogeneous style fusing folk, reggae, rock, samba and soul. A style on which the Z-Nature cutaway is ideal, it fits like a glove, in this case the ideal guitar for a composer who has created more than 50 themes.

The most recent are included in the genre called "song medicine", a genre that aims to use therapeutic music to help people.

You can get more information about Esmeralda Vera on her different official social networks, where it is possible to listen to her album and more songs by this fantastic guitarist, singer and songwriter.



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