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Left-handed Guitars

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Just by changing the strings, a standard guitar will not convert into a left-handed one and for sure it will appear buzzing troubles.


Between a standard guitar for right-handers and a guitar designed for left-handed guitarists, there are several structural differences that cannot be modified when the guitar is already built.


In the left-handed guitars, it is not only a matter of changing the position of the strings. In a guitar designed for left-handed people, the fingerboard is sanded in the opposite direction and the bridge has an inverted design, in which it is compensated the other way round to level the different caliber of the strings.
In the case of the bracing, although the distribution is symmetrical, the harmonic bars do not have the same thickness on the right side as on the left side. That is why we always recommend investing in a left-handed guitar.
In conclusion, just by changing the strings, a standard guitar cannot be converted into a left-handed guitar. Furthermore, if the guitar is already finished, the result will not be adequate, obtaining buzzing problems, etc.
Alhambra Guitars has developed 5 classical guitar models with a design aimed at left-handed guitarists.
In the student category, the left-handed models' available are 1 C and 3 C.
In the conservatory category, the 4 P and 5 P models are available.
Finally, model 9 P is available in the concert category.

*We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

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