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Founded in 1988, Serenade Duo with Michelle LaPorte, flutist, and Gerry Saulter, guitarist, offer wonderful music all over the world


The Serenade Duo multiple award winning ensemble is an International Chamber group that offers wonderful concert music with a warm presence and magnificent performances of a unique repertoire.

This group has managed to be five times awarded with the International Chamber Music Prize for Artists, the Duo performed concerts at Carnegie Hall and the Merkin Concert Hall in New York City.

In addition, Serenade Duo makes extensive tours of the European and American continents, both as interpreters and as pedagogues.

From Serenade Duo they are considered as defenders of the chamber music of the world and collaborate with different signatures through concerts and recordings.

Among others, they collaborate with Alhambra Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Fishman Music, RC Classics, and Centaur Records.

Classical Guitar Magazine


Last May 2018, the group Serenade duo published their latest work called "Siempre Vivo!". A CD formed by South American songs, preludes, and dances.

The critics to this duo of guitar and flute in this last work have been very positive. To the special opinion collected in the American Record guide, that of "Classical Guitar Magazine" is added.

In its winter edition 2018, the prestigious magazine has made an interesting critique of the last CD of the group Serenade Duo where it says the following:

“A gentle South America journey”.

Here is a nice recording which you may well file under “delightful”. Americans Michelle LaPorte and Gerry Saulter perform together as the Serenade Duo. The flute and guitar combination tends to go together like coffee and cream...

Sometimes it is rewarding to appreciate a recording that takes you for a gentle ride rather than a white-knuckle one, and Siempre Vivo! is just that.  (TP)”

Gerry Saulter plays with the following Alhambra guitars Mengual & Margarit C Series, Línea Profesional and RC Strings

These are the most perfect guitars for me in every way. As always the workmanship is impeccable, and it plays effortless. Most importantly, (to my ears) his imaginative bracing patterns results in a classic “Spanish” sound, but with a faster attack and response. His ability to create such a dynamic guitars without the use of composite materials, is a testament to his talents. They are not just loud and powerful, but they have the coloratura that so many composite double tops fail to have. 

I have been called Maestro by students and audiences, and I am never comfortable with that title. My guess is that Señor Mengual would not be comfortable with that title as well, yet it is the only word that comes to mind when I play his guitar - they are built by a “Maestro” Luthier.

You can get more information about Serenade Duo on its website and different official social networks:

Instagram: serenade2

You Tube: serenadeduo



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