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Three Exercises for the health of the guitarist

The guitarist must exercise his spine, his shoulder and his elbow, since they are parts that tend to be stiff.

The guitarist’s posture, especially after having spent hours studying, can be the cause of injuries. Even using ergonomic supports, there are specific articulations or areas, which suffer if the static position is prolonged.

Ergonomic supports for balancing the legs and the hip.

All the guitarists’ ergonomic supports which are for sale, such as the Soporte Gitano (i.e. the gypsy support), fulfill the function of replacing the foot. They are useful to keep both legs at the same height while the artist is playing the guitar. In this way, the hip is also balanced.

At the same time, both legs can be equally flexed; so that, when the guitarist gets up, there is not one leg more stretched than the other one, and there is no imbalance when walking. If this situation happens, a hip strain or even a discal herniation could be provoked.

Exercises to increase the flexibility of spine, shoulders and elbow.

In the guitarist's posture, his spine, specifically the muscles surrounding it, acquires rigidity, since it is in tension and slightly curved.

In the same way, the shoulder of the left arm also has a quite static position.

Regarding the elbow, although there are a wrist movement and a forearm rotation, it also supports stiffness.

To acquire flexibility in these areas, we propose three very easy exercises.

1. Exercise for the elbow: It consists in supporting the elbow on a table, filling only 5 centimeters of a bottle of water of one liter and a half, and rotating the wrist and the forearm from left to right.

Doing 10 repetitions a day is enough.

2. Exercises for the shoulder: In a horizontal position, on the bed for example, you must stretch the arm, close the fist and put the thumb up.

First, do 5 repetitions moving the shoulder outwards, toward the hand. At the same time, move the thumb, the forearm and the wrist to the left (on the left arm).

Then, do 5 repetitions moving the shoulder inwards, in the opposite direction to the hand. At the same time, move the thumb, the forearm and wrist to the right (on the left arm).

Later, do 5 repetitions combining the two previous movements.

3. Exercise for the spine: In a horizontal position, you must lie on a non-soft surface. Then, take a hand towel, make a roll with it, and place it on your back, next to the column, in a parallel position to it.

Maintaining this position, bend one leg and stretch the opposite arm. Then, return to the original position and flex the other leg, stretching the opposite arm.

You must do 10 repetitions combining both movements.

Subsequently, change the side of the rolled towel and repeat the exercise. Do 10 repetitions more.

The aim of these exercises is to compensate the movements that the guitarist cannot do while he is playing the guitar.

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