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Alhambra and the Environment

Alhambra has a strong commitment to environment care.

It is not a matter of image but a need for survival as our main raw material is wood and our future depends on the sustainability of the world's resources.

The wood is purchased from companies officially recognized in their countries to work with national reforestation programs. Depending on the origin of the woods every supplier abides by set rules. For instance, our Indian Rosewood is obtained through public government auctions and the trunks are then cut up at source. Another example is our Ebony supplier who must contribute annually a percentage of his turnover to the government who then allocates it for reforestation.

We always try to take full advantage of the options available for the maximum usage of the wood we buy. For that reason, our policy is present in several points:

  • Regulations in these countries insist that the wood is cut to specification before it is exported thus ensuring the country's own promotion and development.

  • As we have a wide range of models, this makes possible to classify the woods in accordance with their qualities.

  • The company has its own water-treatment plant, which guarantees the total and proper waste disposal after the varnishing process.

  • A vacuum system recovers the wood waste and turns it into briquettes. The manufacturing of briquettes is a by-product. This is where the surplus wood and dust is condensed into cylindrical pieces and is often used by bakers for their ovens or in Alhambra's case as a form of central heating during the winter.

The risk materials, such as glue and varnish remains, are treated by specialized companies in authorized treatment plants.

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