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Singer and composer, he is one of the most respected artists of our national musical panorama. He plays with an Alhambra acoustic guitar model J-4 CW A B E5.

David DeMaría, from Cádiz, is an artist with experience, almost 20 years of musical trajectory guarantee, along with 10 albums edited and more than one million copies sold.

Since 1997, we remember titles such as “David DeMaría”, “Soñar despierto”, “El color del destino”, “Barcos de papel” or “Relojes de arena” among others…

His last album “Séptimo cielo”

The David DeMaría’s last work is “Séptimo Cielo”, an album produced with JaviBu Carter and that constitutes his album number 10 produced in studio. In this case recorded by Sonobox studies from Madrid.

This disc transmits strength and a totally renewed energy but maintaining his essence, the David DeMaría’s essence. The twelve tracks of the album are composed by him, although in them you can see new sources of inspiration. New sensations but with own seal, something hard to get but that is achieved in this disc.

Songs like “Donde nace la belleza”, “Y si te vas”, ”Aquí me tienes corazón”, “La parada de sol”, “Bienvenido a la vida” or the single with the same name that the album “Séptimo cielo”, They are some of the compositions that make up the new album.

Among the influences that have marked this new album, it is important to highlight the artist's multiple stays in Cuba, in Havana, where rhythms and harmonies materialize in songs like "Y si te vas", a single that will surely captivate his Followers.

Composer of the central theme of “Ocho apellidos vascos”

Within his extensive career, it is interesting to highlight his participation in the famous film “Ocho apellidos vascos”, where the artist plays, alongside Leire Martínez (former vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh), the song "No te marches nunca" . Song that also is composed by David Demaría.

Now on the Spanish tour

He is currently on tour through the main Spanish cities while he prepares a new project for his twentieth anniversary.

You can get more information about David Demaría on his website and different official social networks:

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