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Guitarist chooses acoustic guitar

The Alhambra acoustic guitar with steel strings can be Dreadnought type, Jumbo type, and Auditorium type.

Previously, we talked about some keys to take into account if you want to buy classical or flamenco guitars. Knowing the different types, building materials, and qualities, is essential to make a good choice.

Regarding the acoustic guitar or steel strings, we find a fascinating world in which there are different types and finishes of instruments. Mainly, it depends on the kinds of music you want to play and the technique used.

All the options share some features: a narrow neck and a curved fingerboard are common features.

Wood used in the manufacturing

In regards to the wood, it is important to start from solid wood tops. Normally, the top is made of German Spruce, but we can also find it of Cedar as the Spanish ones.

Concerning the back and sides, we can find different types of wood: Curly Maple, Sapelli or Palosanto.

Three types of acoustic guitar with different finishes

As we have already mentioned, in Guitarras Alhambra, we make three types of acoustic guitar, the famous Dreadnought, the Jumbo model, and the Auditorium, all of them with different finishes.

The Dreadnought type is the classic acoustic guitar with trapezoidal steel strings. These instruments are characterized by the sound and quality. They are perfect guitars for strumming, but also for playing with fingers.

If we call them ‘western’ or ‘cowboy’, the image of this typical acoustic guitar comes to our mind. In the case of Alhambra, we find two versions of Dreadnought: the Western model and the Appalachian model.

The main difference between both acoustic guitar models is that in the Western ones, the sides and the back are made of solid wood, whereas in the Appalachian, the body is made of laminated timber.

Regarding the Jumbo type, we find an instrument with a deep sound, which is richer in bass sounds and has more volume. In addition, the shape changes, since it is rounder.

A variant of this is the Auditorium model, with a shape which is very similar to Jumbo, but, in this case, the instrument is more compact and has a narrow body.

In short, there are many options to choose; but, firstly, we must know what we want to play, and then, try it. This is the best way to choose the right guitar.

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